Bellecour, the place to be

Hotel Bayard is the perfect place to land when coming to Lyon.

Joséphine, Victor and Adèle, Aimée, Henri invite you to meet them "under the horse's tail" in the middle of Bellecour square.

You will be amazed to discover the best kept secrets of the Historic Lyon with us.

Throughout the time, our guests have created a personalised journey for you. Here is a foretaste of their best experiences :


Aimee : The Foodlover

Lyon offers one of the best food in the world with its authentic Bouchon Lyonnais, a type of restaurant unique to Lyon. Aimee enjoys a lunch in our traditional bouchon, but not only that :

  • She takes you on a stroll between The Halles de Lyon, one of the best fresh food market, now named The Halles Paul Bocuse, thanks to its renowned chef.
  • Continue to The Halles Grand Hotel Dieu, the sister market, where you will find 9 of the Best Food craftsman of France, a very prestigious title for Artisan food chef.
  • Try the new concept of Food Traboule, a festive and convivial gathering place where people could share ideas and enjoy a variety of delicious food.
  • Venture for a brunch from the beginning of 20th century, the Machon, a long time tradition meal.

Victor and Adèle : The Lovers


Lyon knows how to be passionate and poetic. Adele fell in love with the city and with an authentic Lyonnais boatman.

  • Lovers like to walk in the largest and most popular park in Lyon "Tête D'Or" to surround themselves with the fragrance of 450 different varieties of rose. Lyon magnificent international rose garden is one of the 22 in the world to benefit of the excellence label.
  • In fine weather, enjoy also a pleasant ride in a little boat or pedal boat to relax on the lake amid the swans and ducks.
  • The lovebirds like to hug each other on a tuk tuk ride that takes them to explore the most beautiful views of Lyon, from hill to hill, from alley to the other ;
  • Like child's play, sit down on one of the chairs, real works of art that enrich the Jardin Des Curiosités, as if the panorama were not enough to sublimate this place so long kept secret. A pearl to find for two.


Henri : The vintage man

Thanks to his business, the silk master walks around the less known part of Lyon to unearth the most beautiful jewels that sublimate his fabrics.

  • Follow him in numerous antique shop of the street August Comte to find real, treasure : paintings, furniture, toys, stamps…
  • Henri takes you back in time with history of Les Canuts, lyonnais silk workers, through the visit of the Maison des Canuts, Silk workers’ centre and the Textile Art Museum.
  • Take some fresh air with a ride on the Vaporetto, a small and intimate boat that take you from the Vaise disctrict to Confluence disctrict.
  • Fancy buying something for your home while you’re here ? Then wander through the Puces du Canal, the flea market, a town in the city where time stands still.

Josephine : The Shy woman

The lovely Josephine, new in our magnificent city, likes to wander in quiet and peaceful place.


  • She stars the journey by taking you to Rosa Mir Garden, a great Lyonnais curiosity, located in the heart of Croix Rousse. This small and intimate garden is a tribute to the creativity and vision of its creator, a Spanish mason called Jules Senis Mir.
  • She likes to enjoy the breath-taking view of La Cour des Voraces, a building court famous for its enormous six-floor stairway of façade, a place filled with history.
  • For a quiet and peaceful time, visit the St Jean Cathedral, a handsome mix of roman and gothic cathedral built in the 12th century. She invites you to admire a spectacular 16th century astronomical clock.
  • She wanders through the village of Croix Rousse, home to traditional apartments from the time of silk workers of Lyon, popular market, famous carnival and plenty of bistros. She continues her stroll to the Wall of Canuts (Mur des canuts), the most popular mural painting of Lyon.